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  Single Type and Multiple Type:
  • Single Type: For the single-side feeding or pull-feeding of press finished.

  • Multiple Type: To be used for processings during which soft materials or thin sheets will be produced by send and pull feeding.
Roller Feeding Machine Features:

1. With high performance productivity
  • Rapid fedding.
  • Multi-engineering continuous processing.
2. High Speed (600 strokes per minute)
3. Can be widely applied
  • Simply by adjusting the gap. The unit can handle materials of any width and thickness.
4. Simple construction, economy and practicality
5. Low breakdown rates, easy to maintain
6. High-Precision Feeding

  • Feeding accuracy is different in accordance with rotation speed and feeding length. Generally, the accuracy is around
    0.05mm. But, if utilizing an automatic guide punch device, and accurany of 0.01mm can be reached.

  Construction Features:

1. Single-Direction feeding transmission mechanism
  • Made of super-hard alloy, the clutch shaft bearing can operate with roller bearing, featuring abrasion resistance, excellent stability, high precision, and long operation life.
  • Heat-treated (HRC60°), gear is precisely ground, featuring high driving accuracy.
2. Roller
  • Hollow-core type, the roller is lightweight, featuring little reverse rate, and can be stopped at any time, assuring feeding accuracy.
  • Being heat-treated (HRC60°), hard-chrome-plated and ground, the roller features high rigidity, excellent abrasion resistance, low wear, and long operating life.
3. Disc Brake
  • Brake plays an important part concerning feeding accurany, specially during high-speed feeding. Roller reversing inertia needs to be eliminated completely. Featuring high precision, easy maintenance, installation and dismantling, a disc brake can solve all these problems.

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